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Why Would That Happen?

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

I was in high school and driving North on PCH one sunny weekend day in So Cal. Suddenly, I knew that two of my teachers (they happened to be married) were at the Card de A store in Redondo Beach. The knowing was so strong, I turned around and drove to the store. Carefully peeking inside I discovered my teachers were there looking at cards! Amazed and confused, I quickly left the store, unnoticed by my teachers.

Why would that happen? I had no reason to know or care where my teachers might be or what they might be doing. Previously, I had experienced some intuition in my daily life (like answering my mother's questions before she would ask me), but never anything like this. There was no one that I could ask or talk to about this experience. I did not know what it was or why it happened. I pushed it away and forgot about it.

Intuition would still appear in my life from time to time, but it was not until many years later that I met a woman that changed everything I ever thought about intuition.

It was a very hot Saturday in San Diego and I decided to get a pedicure while my kids were having their music lessons a few stores down. I had my school textbooks with me and figured I would cram some studying in at the same time. That did not happen. A bubbly lady entered the salon, visibly sweaty from the hot weather we had that day. She sat right next to me! "Oh no, I thought. I just want to study, I don't want really want to talk to anyone." We said hello to each other, she asked what I was studying and shared that she was a Respiratory Therapist. A few minutes later, she asked about my mom and knew her name without me telling her. She went on to confirm other things and before I knew it, my kids were at the salon door and it was time to leave. I wish to this day we exchanged names and phone numbers. It took that encounter to confirm to me that intuition is real. 2013 was the year I began studying intuition and the more I studied and practiced, the more I was drawn to intuitive work.

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