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Kara Sunderland

Specializing in Missing Persons & Other Cases

Intuition reaches beyond and "sees" outside of logic. Intuition helps with guidance, ideas, information, perspective, and blocks.

Kara's Skills

Like pieces of a puzzle, I aim to provide evidential information to cases. My mission is to facilitate healing for victims and their loved ones. (Note: I only work directly with law enforcement.) Please ask the contacts in charge of your case if they are agreeable to considering the information yielded from an intuitive session. Please keep details to a minimum as the less information I have, the more accurate the session.


If you are wanting insight for yourself, I also offer Personal and Mediumship Readings.

Please text, call or send me a message through the Contact button for information and booking.

Controlled Remote Viewing

Clairvoyance & Claircognizance

Clairsentience & Clairaudience

Training & Certifications

In my late teens, I had experiences knowing where people were and what they were doing in real-time. These people were not my family or friends and I was able to validate the experiences. I've always been fascinated with intuition and in 2013, I began to hone my skills.

View my training and certifications below.

Green landscape with mountains in the background
Misty Morning
Dandelion Fields

Marie Manuchehri
RN Energy Intuitive

  • Mediumship Coaching Program 

  • Psychic Coaching Program

  • Vibrational Coaching Program

  • Communicating Beyond the Veil

  • Divine Energy Medicine

  • Reiki Master Certification

Healing Beyond Borders

  • Healing Touch I & II

Pam Coronado
Intuitive Investigator

  • Intermediate Mediumship

  • Beginning Psychic Detective

  • Intermediate Psychic Detecitive

  • Advanced Psychic Detective (ongoing)

  • Ambiguous Loss

  • Controlled Remote Viewing, I, II, III

John Holland
Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher

  • Psychic Tarot Oracle Card Readings

  • Reading Photos

Sherrie Dillard
Psychic Medium & Medical Intuitive

  • Medical Intuition I

Wendie Colter

Master Certified Wellness Coach, 
Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner

  • Medical Intuition I - IN PROGRESS

  • Medical Intuition II - TBD

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